David Borck

A Solid fundament for sound decisions.

This is what you can trust in.

David Borck


is a Berliner.  He has lived and breathed his job as a real estate agent in Berlin since 1985, always keeping his customers and the constantly changing market conditions in mind.  He founded the David Borck Real Estate Company mbH in 1991, with its offices on the Kurfürstendamm.  Since then the company had steadily expanded. His competence with a growing market as well as a comprehensive network in both the local Berlin and international levels combine to provide guaranteed success. 


Caren Rothmann


joined David Borck as a business partner in 2010.  Established as an agent in residential and office space real estate, she offers her own, well-functioning network of trustworthy business partners and contacts.  In addition to the foundation of a thriving management firm, she has been a successful entrepreneur for years and brings her own rich experience to the company.




David Borck and Caren Rothmann build a complete, well-rounded, high quality branch of the real estate business in Berlin.  Their similarities lie in their ability to serve and accompany their national and international customers at the highest level with a personal, trustworthy manner that builds customer loyalty and satisfaction.  While they were both successful on their own, they have now joined together to supplement each other and double the strength of “David Borck Real Estate Company mbH”. The fact that transparency and openness are the cornerstones of their philosophy makes them one of a kind in the real estate business.

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